Kelsey Pressnall (E-Board)


Kelsey Pressnall

As the Chair of FUN Progressives for the last three years (a local activist group representing Fremont, Union City, and Newark), I have had the pleasure of hosting many amazing local and state leaders as guest speakers. I am running to represent you in the Executive Board position, because one guest speaker [Christine Pelosi, Chair of the CDP Women’s Caucus], said something that struck my core: “Democrats are in charge, so Democrats have to fix it!” We live in a state with the 5th largest economy in the entire world, and we have soaring inequality, a homeless and housing crisis, and a climate on the brink of catastrophe. Guess what Democrats? We’re in charge. We have to fix this.

Since 2016, I have been to every convention and E-Board meeting and I am proud to currently serve as the Treasurer of the Veteran’s Caucus. My true political love is local politics and grassroots campaigning. My shining achievement is my work with the advocacy group RISE which fought for renters’ rights in Fremont, leading to the current non-binding Rent Review Board. As the FUN Chair, I have mobilized progressives for local grassroots candidates and I am proud of the progress we have made in a short time.

My main goals as your Executive Board Representative would be: Endorsing and campaigning for candidates who have a proven record of commitment to our values and fighting for the working class through racial, economic, and environmental justice, not taking money from special interests, supporting a living wage, empowering unions and workers, and putting our planet first. Second, we need to clean-up the mess in our state party and elect stable leaders who will be inclusive, transparent, and work to build a party with a table big enough for all of us to sit at. Third, it is critical that we build a big bench of young politicians with political courage who can carry the torch of the hard work the generations before of us have done and bring the Democratic Party’s legacy to bold, new places.