The People-Powered Platform!

On the Issues…

Democracy for all!
To have a truly fair Democracy, we must end our dependency on big money and become the party of the grassroots and Civil Rights Act again!

Healthcare for all!
Medicare for All is the one true dream of Democrats for generations!
Let’s make this the generation that does it!

Education is a human right!
Our public schools and universities were once the envy of the world.
We can do it again!

Housing is a human right!
Our region is home to incredible wealth. No one should be living on the
streets! We need innovative housing solutions!

Living Wages are a human right!
Wages must stay consistent with costs of living. Basic Universal Income
due to automation needs to become part of the conversation now.

A Healthy Environment is a human right!
There isn’t any time left. We have to stop climate catastrophe now.
No more empty promises, we need a Green New Deal now!

Privacy is a human right!
Do you like Facebook selling your information to marketers or tracking your views? Good, neither do we!

On the Party…

CADEM Caucuses!
The California Democratic Party Caucuses are issues-focused groups that meet at convention and E-Board meetings to advocate for the causes closest to our hearts. Our incumbent members currently participate in a number of caucuses and serve in leadership positions within caucuses. Harris serves as the Northern Outreach Coordinator for the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus and Kelsey is Treasurer for the Veterans’ Caucus.

CADEM Standing Committees!
All the members of the nine standing committees are appointed by the state chair. Through these committees, we credential delegates, approve resolutions, create and enforce rules for delegates and caucuses, amend the by-laws and platform, as well as control the party’s finances. These appointments are just beginning to be distributed evenly to Progressives and we cannot lose our foothold now.

CADEM Leadership!
One of the critical roles of delegates is to elect the Party Chair, 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Controller. These seats make the top-down decisions about how our state party is run. The Chair of the party gets to appoint delegates to the oh-so- important committees, whose leadership also get Executive Board Membership. By electing a progressive chair, we can get the seats we need in those committees to push through the status quo and give important appointments to progressives on our bench.

Elected State Leadership!
In AD20, we will have a very important vote to make as delegates for the 2022 primary and run-off, which is who the Democratic Party should endorse for the State Senate seat since our incumbent is terming out. In a run-off between two Democrats in November, this endorsement can carry enormous weight and come with party support in the form of volunteers and money. We want to make sure it goes to the right candidate who aligns with our values and vision.