Fred Morrison


Fred Morrison

Political discussions were common place in the home I grew up in -especially when my Dad’s colleagues or professors applying for teaching jobs (often from other countries) would join our family for dinner. My Dad was the Social Science Dept. Chair at Minot State College in North Dakota. As a philosophy professor, my Dad was always open to discuss any issues; but instead of giving us an answer he would challenge our thinking about what’s best for others or the bigger picture, and would avoid an authoritarian answer. I was the oldest of 6 kids. Not surprising, we were all Bernie supporters without us confiding with each other.

My Mom was also politically active and has a Nuclear Missile Silo in North Dakota named after her. She was part of a group of women who called attention to all the Nuclear War heads stationed in North Dakota ready to launch toward Russia. So I can’t help being politically involved. I’ve voted in every election starting with the 1962 midterms. I protested against the Vietnam War and every unnecessary war we have engaged in since.

I am a veteran of the North Dakota Army National Guard and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with my M.Ed in Counseling Psychology from the University of Arizona. I am a good delegate because as a practicing Psychotherapist I know how to listen to all sides of an argument and support equitable solutions.

Some issues that motivate me to continue as an ADEM delegate:

  1. Support the Green New Deal! Prevent Climate Catastrophe
  2. Promote a complete audit of all facets’ of the US military Industrial complex with a goal to reduce the military budget by 50%
  3. Single Payer Health Care.
  4. Tax reform that repeals the recent tax cuts for the super wealthy and go back to a progressive tax code where people and corporations who have more pay more.
  5. Criminal Justice Reform and outlaw For Profit Prisons that are inherently a severe conflict of interest. The Profit motive incentivizes longer sentences and no real rehabilitation. (I worked in a prison for 18 months.)

If elected I plan to continue in the Progressive Caucus, join the Veterans and the Disabled Caucuses (I’m fluent in ASL and see Deaf people and people with Disabilities in my Psychotherapy Private Practice). Currently I’m active in the Hayward Area Democratic Club Executive Board, Clean Money Campaign, Therapists for Single Payer (local), PNHP, and I support a number of progressive causes.