Frank Burton


Frank Burton

The Democratic Party is the only game in town worth working with, and it must return to its roots as the Party of the People.

I will work for these reforms if I am elected to represent you from Assembly District 20:

The voters are in no mood for the Legislature to turn wildfire liability of the profit-centered utilities over to the CPUC, which has had a cozy relationship with the utilities for years.

Volunteer history: I’ve formed a MoveOn Council, then was appointed as a Regional Organizer, then Lead Regional Organizer. I’ve successfully fought fracking in Alameda County and a gun club in a regional park, and was appointed to the Steering Committee leading to an active Community Choice Energy operation in Alameda County. I was appointed in 2017 to Hayward’s Task Force to revise the nineties-era Anti-Discrimination Action Plan, and also co-chaired its Subcommittee on Community-Police Relations.