Barisha Spriggs


Barisha Spriggs

As a African-American woman, I would be honored to serve as your delegate for Assembly District 20. Since 2017, I have attended all California Democratic Party Conventions and most other California Democratic Party Executive Board and Region 5 meetings. I have been chosen as a proxy for the 2018 convention and have been active with the Renters Caucus on the affordable housing issue. Last convention, I worked closely with my Assemblyman Bill Quirk on legislation to make incorporation easier for unincorporated areas to create true democracy, and local governance via AB 2491. I am also interested in joining the African American Caucus.

I’ve been proud to serve as an Associate Member of our Alameda County Democratic Party’s Central Committee. As part of the committee, I’ve been active in supporting progressive issues and resolutions. I am currently a co-author of a resolution to be approved in our January meeting.

As a political organizer for the last 5+ years worked on important union campaigns such as funding for California Public Schools and Community Colleges (Yes on 30/55), saving pensions for public employees (supporting Michael Bilsbury), Protecting union jobs and public services (No on 32), funding for public transportation, ‘Fight for $15 to get $15 state minimum wage, and more.

I’ve lived in unincorporated Ashland California for 25 years. Ashland is a majority minority area which has been underrepresented. I’ve been active in with our Alameda County Supervisor advocating for progressive policy decisions and local governance with the Eden Area Livability Initiative Governance Leadership Team. I have advocated with this team and it has lead to the approval of The Eden Municipal Advisory Council, which is scheduled to be implemented soon. I have been in several leadership positions with local Ashland organizations over the years including; Ashland Community Association; Alameda County Arts Commission - Ashland Cherryland Community Identifier Project Ashland-Cherryland Vice President - Safe Ashland Neighborhood Association; San Lorenzo Library Advisory Commission Member; Ashland Community Center (Hayward Area Recreation and Park District) Board of Directors Advisory Council.