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What are Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEM) for?
These elections will decide approximately one-third of the delegates that are sent to represent each assembly district to the California Democratic Party’s conventions and Executive Board meetings. At these events, the delegates are in charge of voting on who the party endorses in primaries and in Dem vs. Dem run-offs in the November elections. They also serve on standing committees and in caucuses within the party to create and promote the party platform, pass resolutions, change rules and bylaws, and elect the state party officers. (There is a 2:25 video on YouTube that describes the process)

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How can I vote in ADEMs?

Any Democrat who is registered to vote in California can vote in these elections. Delegates are voted on by assembly district, so you will receive a ballot for the assembly district in which you’re registered to vote. Here is a map of Assembly District 20.  

Request your ballot by January 11, 2021 from the California State Democratic Party by visiting

Ballots will be mailed from the Party with a self-addressed and stamped envelope for you to return your ballot. It must be at the CADEM office in Sacramento by January 27th.

 Our Candidates (SIF)

Kelsey Pressnall

Fremont, CA

Executive Board Candidate

As the Chair of FUN Progressives since our founding in 2016, a CADEM delegate since 2017, & the AD20 Executive Board Representative since 2019, I have been to every convention & E-Board meeting, & I am proud to serve as the Treasurer of the Veteran’s Caucus. I’m running to represent you on the E-Board again to continue the last 4 years of work that our statewide network has done within the Party to address our soaring inequality, the homelessness & housing crisis, & climate on the brink of catastrophe.

Will Rogers famously said “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” This rings true today as we watch apathetic leadership fail to rise up & embrace the movements of the next generation to expand our coalition. We are more than a party of “not-Trump.” It’s time to proudly stand up & show up for the people. As Democrats in California, I know that we’re in charge, so we have to fix this. It’s our duty to endorse corporate-free candidates & use grassroots movements to get them elected. Our ability to earn public trust, capture young voters, & expand our base depends on it.

My true political love is local politics & grassroots campaigning. I’ve mobilized progressives for local grassroots candidates & I am proud of the progress we have made in a short time in getting corporate-free, progressive Democrats elected to local positions like school boards & city councils. These positions are critical for the Party to focus on so we can fill our bench with remarkable candidates who inspire their communities.

My main goals as your Executive Board Representative will continue to be: Endorsing & campaigning for candidates who have a proven record of commitment to our values by fighting for the working class through racial, economic, and environmental justice, not taking money from special interests, supporting a living wage, empowering unions & workers, & putting our planet first. Second, we need to elect leaders for our state party who will be inclusive, transparent, & work to build a party with a table big enough for all of us to sit at. Third, it is critical that we build a big bench of young politicians with political courage who can carry the torch of the hard work the generations before of us have done & bring the Democratic Party’s legacy to bold, new places.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Jatinder ‘J.P.’ Sahi

Union City, CA

I am a long-time Union City resident and started my journey with the Democratic party in Kansas in the 1990’s.  Being in California has brought more opportunities to work towards the party platform and make an impact.  

I am the CEO of volunteer-driven non-profit free medical clinics who understands and works to resolve the inequity in the basic health care services. I have worked hard to ensure quality patient care is provided at the free clinics and implemented an electronic health record providing underserved patients the ability to see their doctors via telehealth. 

My passion is in the areas of health care safety net programs and public education.  There are significant disparities in health care and public education.  Even with all the current health care programs, there are still thousands of Californians who lack access to basic health care services.   I am a strong advocate for more resources for health care, including mental health and addressing the issue of homelessness and finding solutions that work for everyone.   

Public school education from elementary school to college and university should be accessible to all students, with each student receiving high-quality, balanced and equitable education.  A college degree should not be a luxury.  It should be accessible to every person.  I support student loan forgiveness and decreasing the debt for students who graduate from public colleges and universities. This is especially important in this time of uncertainty where the inequalities are becoming more apparent and need to be addressed.  

Lastly, I have run a grassroots campaign (for NHUSD School Board) accepting only individual donations.  I strongly support fellow candidates who share similar values and principles and a progressive platform with the Democratic Party. Thank you for supporting the party and I ask for your vote as an AD20 Delegate. 

Sarabjit Kaur Cheema

Union City, CA

My name is Sarabjit Kaur Cheema. Some of you may remember me from my many previous elections.

I am serving in my third term at New Haven Unified School District. Currently, I am serving as a board President. I have served as a ADEM for many years and was privileged to serve as a national delegate for President Obama. Thank you all for electing me for various positions. Your faith in my progressive leadership style is greatly appreciated. I ask for your vote to serve once again as a delegate to our state party convention. As an experienced educator and labor leader, I also bring a global perspective.

It is time for the residents of Assembly District 20 to come together around our shared core values and strong sense of community. We must affirm the principles of freedom, opportunity, and equality under the law.

One of the most important tasks facing the Democratic Party nationally is rebuilding its relationship with rural America. To do this will require attending to the particular needs of farmers, ranchers, and all those who make their livelihood from the land. Indeed, the livelihood of rural families globally, is under extreme pressure from corporatization, regulation, and climate change. While in this pandemic, in late November, what may have been the single largest protest in human history took place in India, as tens of thousands of farmers marched to the capital to protest proposed new legislation and upward of 250 million people around the subcontinent participated in a 24-hour general strike in solidarity. It is critical that we work together to understand the challenges of our interconnected, globalized social and economic communities in order to envision together new ways to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

The increasingly high cost of rent and gentrification of the Bay Area is creating a homogeneous society that more and more is about profit over humans.
I want to work to reunite our community. We have a lot of racial divide, growing homelessness, mental disability concerns, increasing utility costs, and growing small business costs that need to addressed.

Please support my candidacy so that together we can achieve the progressive state government that will work for all Californians.

Sara Raymond

Castro Valley, CA

My name is Sara Raymond. I am proud to be a candidate for ADEM20 Delegate. With a Democratic president poised to take office in January, there is no time like the present to begin the work of moving our nation forward with a progressive agenda.

The most important issues to me are election safety, reproductive justice, gun violence, healthcare, and education. None of these goals can be accomplished without confronting the systemic racism upon which our institutions were built. This is why defunding police is my most critical issue.

DEFUNDING POLICE: American policing is failing. Built on white supremacy, it perpetuates racist systems and drains other social services of critical financial resources. Police money must be reallocated to social services that strengthen our communities by tackling mental health, poverty, housing, and addiction, thereby reducing crime.

ELECTION SAFETY: For decades I have participated in voter registration, GOTV, voter protection, and poll monitoring. Republicans have used gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and systemic dismantling of the Voting Rights Act to gamify voting to the extent that people no longer trust elections. We need to make it easier and safer for every eligible person to vote, and restore voters’ confidence in voting systems. 

REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM: Women’s bodies are under attack, and it is critical that we pick leaders who will protect choice and access to essential healthcare both as it relates to maintaining and ending pregnancies. 

GUN VIOLENCE: I wrote this statement on the 8th anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Countless acts of violence have been perpetrated since then. Our leaders have failed to take on the NRA.  This must end.

SINGLE PAYER: There is no reason why, in the middle of a pandemic, any person in the United States should not have healthcare. Let’s hold leaders responsible for providing this very basic set of protections.

EDUCATION: A free public education should be available to every person, through college. For many a college degree is an inaccessible luxury. We must change this.

 In addition to the above, the pandemic has illuminated our damaged social safety net.   This nation is failing at setting its priorities. Once again individuals have been put behind big business. 

Thank you for considering me to be your delegate. 

Dolly Adams

Castro Valley, CA

I’m Dolly Adams, a public school teacher, a Castro Valley School Board member, a delegate to AD20, a board member for the CV Democratic Club, and I have served on other boards, such as the CV Municipal Advisory Council and the CV Teachers Association. As a teacher and parent of two children who attended Castro Valley public schools, I ‌am ‌an‌ ‌advocate‌ ‌for‌ ‌children‌ ‌and‌ ‌their‌ ‌families‌ ‌in‌ ‌education,‌ ‌health‌ ‌care‌, ‌and‌ ‌the‌ ‌environment.‌ I believe in equity and high quality education for all, maintaining excellent college preparation, and improving career and technical education. As a special education teacher at a continuation high school, I’ve worked with students with special needs for the majority of my career, and I’ve worked with students of all backgrounds in our diverse school district. I’m a firm believer in Black Lives Matter and bringing ethnic studies into the classroom, through means such as history and literature. There is no better time than now to elevate voices that traditionally have been left out of the classroom. I hold a B.S. in Physical Science – Geology and an M.S. as an Education Specialist.

I ‌was a union representative and then executive ‌board‌member with the ‌Castro Valley ‌Teachers‌ ‌Association (CVTA) where I secured better‌ ‌conditions‌ ‌for‌ ‌both‌ ‌students‌ ‌and‌ ‌teachers‌. ‌As‌ ‌a‌ ‌community‌ ‌activist‌, I ‌have advanced ‌numerous‌ ‌measures‌ ‌to‌ ‌improve‌ ‌education‌ ‌from‌ ‌early‌ ‌childhood‌ ‌to‌ ‌community‌ ‌college. I am currently implementing distance learning, and I wrote my master’s thesis on computerized learning. I am a 20-year member of the Sierra Club, as well as a member of Citizens Climate Lobby, because climate change is an extremely important issue of our times. While on the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council I was able to promote legislative movement for Safe Routes to School with local electeds. As a community activist, I have supported many progressive local, state and national candidates, propositions and measures. Find more information about me at and
California must remain strong and progressive, and be a leader for the rest of the nation. I ask for your vote so that we can continue to lead.

Kristy Boer

Union City, CA

I’m Kristy Boer and I’m asking for your vote as a Delegate. I promise to prioritize people over corporate profits, level the playing field for small businesses, and fight corruption.

I spent most of my childhood right around the poverty line. My family was able to make our way into the middle class, thanks to government assistance, my dad’s hard-fought union benefits, help from family, and a few lucky breaks. But those government programs have been weakened, union membership has plummeted, and millions of families are one emergency away from poverty. Meanwhile, billionaires and large companies keep getting richer. That’s not right.

When I was a young woman, I hoped that one day I’d be financially secure so I wouldn’t have to keep track of every dollar I spent at the grocery store or lose sleep over how I was going to pay my bills. I daydreamed about being able to devote myself to service, to help others the way people supported my family. For me, that time is now.

Like many people, the 2016 election motivated me to get involved in politics. I realized that it isn’t enough to just be a voter. Democracy doesn’t run on autopilot.

Inspired by Elizabeth Warren’s message of big, structural change, I joined Team Warren — first as a volunteer leader in the grassroots Bay Area For Warren group, then on staff as a Training Associate in Oakland. For the general election, I worked for the battleground of North Carolina as the Deputy Training Director. Now that new leadership is coming to the White House, I want to use the relationship-building skills and organizing tools I’ve learned to fight for an equitable and progressive California.

As an organizer, I have helped hundreds of people turn their passion into action and build long-term power in their communities. As your Delegate, I will help build our party, turning average Democrats from observers into participants and leaders.

Everyone deserves healthcare, safe housing and a quality education. Billionaires and big businesses shouldn’t get to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. We need to strengthen our democratic institutions and elect leaders with courage, who will fight to dismantle structural racism, rebuild the middle class, and lift people out of poverty.

That is what I will fight for. Please vote for me, Kristy Boer, for AD20.

 Our Candidates (OSIF)

Omar Hashwi

Hayward, CA

Omar Hashwi-Hayward

My name is Omar Hashwi and I know we can do better, much better.

I recognize the progress we have made in the last several years and as a proud Democrat, I am extraordinarily thankful for our leaders’ tireless dedication. But I would not be running to represent you in the Democratic party if our work was complete.

It is especially critical within a pandemic and when coming out of one (God willing), that we elect delegates who have an unwavering commitment to our universal physiological needs including equal access to food, water, and affordable housing. But also an unwavering commitment to our safety needs including personal security, fair employment security, and healthcare security.

As a delegate, my priority will be to support a platform and candidates who prioritize these issues for all of our citizens as these are also issues I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Kids’ Breakfast Club, a local Hayward non-profit that directly addresses food insecurity and has provided thousands of meals to our community. I will be looking to support candidates who believe that in the wealthiest country in the world, no child should go to bed hungry.

With the guidance and involvement of medical professionals, I developed the first free, comprehensive and actionable online COVID-19 screening platform that has screened thousands of people in multiple languages across the globe. I will be looking to support candidates who work on controlling the spread of COVID-19, provide relief to those suffering the most, and equity in administering the vaccine.

I own a small-business in Hayward and have successfully created fair-employment jobs within my own community. I also hold a Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Michigan that has given me the knowledge to solve environmental problems and provide a living wage to my employees. I will be looking to support candidates who advocate for a living wage and environmental justice.

And finally, because I have managed grassroot campaigns and walked precincts for Democrats, my work in advocating for candidates who share these values and principles is not something new and it is what I would be honored to continue doing as a delegate.

Thank you for your supporting the good work of our party and I humbly ask for your vote.

Michael Kusiak

Castro Valley, CA

I want a Democratic Party that fights for genuine local control for the some 6 million Californians in unincorporated communities, and a Party that is a champion for public education for all Californians. This is what inspires me to serve as a member of our Democratic State Central Committee.  

I live in Unincorporated Castro Valley, where I have fought for governance reform to bring democratic local control to my community of 63,000. These efforts sparked a statewide effort to find legislative solutions to give our communities a voice in our governance. In my past two years as a DSCC Delegate, I have successfully advocated for changes to our party platform that speak to the need for equitable local governance for unincorporated communities.

I was just elected to the Castro Valley Unified School Board of Trustees. I support rebuilding our schools, reforming how they are funded, and ensuring that all students receive the support they need to be successful, including universal school lunch and breakfast for all students.  As a Delegate, I will push my party to keep the “public” in our public schools.

We must fight for equity and inclusion in our Party. I led the effort to bring 8,000 “Castro Valley Stands United Against Hate” posters to my community, part of a larger regional anti-racism and anti-hate effort. 

I want to build a Democratic Party that welcomes broader engagement, not just from activists, but from everyday Californians looking to solutions to everyday problems.

  • We must work to fully fund our public schools and ensure access to public higher education to any California high school graduate. 
  • We must use our power as Delegates to hold accountable lawmakers who seek our endorsement.  
  • We must not be afraid to amplify calls for criminal justice reform and accountability of law enforcement, particularly in our unincorporated communities where there is no genuine civilian oversight of the Sheriff, an office whose legally-prescribed qualifications limits the likelihood of candidates supportive of reform. 
  • We must tackle the inequality that is exacerbated by land-use policies that prevent new, affordable housing in our communities.

It would be an honor to receive your support to continue the fight for full representation of all of our community members.

Zachariah Oquenda

Hayward, CA

As a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a JD and M.P.P., my goal is to study and advocate solutions to problems that plague my family and so many others. We need people committed to building a society where all people have full access to the rights to housing, health care, food security, living wages, education, voting, dignity, and a healthy environment.

Having experienced homelessness as a child and young adult, and having seen my brothers and my father incarcerated, I have dedicated myself to eradicating poverty and the systems that criminalize people in poverty. I know how powerless my loved ones have felt when facing the barriers to reclaim their lives and dignity. Experience has taught me that power has two sources: knowledge and community. Building power is about educating ourselves and each other and creating community together.

 Professionally, I’ve been uncompromising in serving families and individuals seeking justice in housing, employment, and the criminal legal system through work at organizations including East Bay Community Law Center, Legal Aid at Work, and the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office, respectively. While at the ACLU, I worked on the campaign for prosecutorial accountability, where I uncovered racist charging and sentencing practices in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. And I now work as a full-time legal and policy advocate for Root & Rebound, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring power and resources to the families and communities most harmed by mass incarceration through legal advocacy, public education, and policy reform.

 In Hayward, I serve and volunteer to expand affordable housing access, to increase support services for homeless community members, and to reinvest police funding in restorative community services.

 I humbly ask for your vote at the Assembly Delegate Election Meeting (ADEM) to contribute to building community power within the Democratic Party for a People-Powered Progressive Platform. I am one of many who believe we can harness our collective power to dismantle the systems of inequality and criminalization—and the cycles of trauma, violence, and poverty they perpetuate. We can replace those harmful systems with policies and institutions that center equity, anti-racism, and liberation to create cycles of healing, compassion, and prosperity.

Vinnie Bacon

Fremont, CA

I’m running for ADEMs because I believe we need to remove the influence of corporate / developer money from Democratic Party politics. For far too long, moneyed interests have been able to buy undue influence from our Democratic elected politicians.

I’ve run five campaigns for office and have always refused donations from developers and corporations. I led a change in Fremont city politics where refusing developer donations has now become standard practice for City Council candidates. I served on the Fremont City Council from 2012 through 2020. As a Councilmember, I brought forth progressive referrals on sanctuary city, minimum wage acceleration, rent stabilization and Proposition 13 reform. I was also a strong advocate for transit-friendly development and affordable housing.

I’ve been involved in local Democratic politics since 2008. I served as an Associate Member to the Central Committee from 2010 through 2012 and was an elected member from 2012 through 2020. I was named the Progressive Democrat of the Year by the Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign in 2015.

I was also a Sierra Club leader for over a decade serving as the Chair of the Club’s Southern Alameda County Group and as a member of the SF Bay Chapter’s Executive Committee and Political Committee.
I’ve never been afraid to challenge the powers that be in the party. I am a proud progressive who is committed to moving our party forward on key issues such as Medicare-For-All, criminal justice reform, demanding a living wage, and campaign finance reform. I was pleased to see the Central Committee encourage candidates to not take money from police officer’s associations. We need to make such contributions a disqualifying factor for candidates requesting the Party’s endorsement and expand this rule to other special interest campaign contributions.

I have Masters Degrees in Transportation Engineering and City Planning from UC Berkeley. I understand the importance of the development decisions that our local elected officials make. These decisions determine how effective our transit systems are, how much affordable housing is available, and the quantity of greenhouse gases we emit. Unfortunately, many of the local development decisions that have been put developer’s bottom lines over the need for a well-planned Bay Area.

Please consider voting for me to help take our Party forward.

Harris Mojadedi

Union City, CA

My name is Harris Mojadedi, and I humbly ask for your vote to serve as a delegate from AD 20.

As a lifelong Democratic activist, I currently serve as the Northern Outreach Chair for the California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus. Additionally, I have served our party in various capacities, serving as a founding member and executive board member of the American Muslims & Friends Democratic Club. I have also served as an executive Board member of our local Democratic club,Tri Cities Democratic Forum.

The Democratic Party is in a crossroads, we need new voices that reflect the diversity of our party. My top priorities as a delegate are to ensure transparency, reform the selection process for statewide officers, and support medicare for all.

Democratically yours,

Austin Bruckner

Hayward, CA

My name is Austin Bruckner. I grew up in Castro Valley and currently live in Hayward. I am openly LGBTQ and was raised for the better part of my childhood by my adopted grandparents in a Puerto-Rican-Italian family. Throughout my childhood, my biological parents struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Growing up, I faced housing and food insecurity and witnessed the cycle of both domestic violence as well as drug and alcohol dependency. My life experiences have reinforced my belief in progressive values. 

Our party is broken and we all too often fail to act like Democrats. Party leaders let special interest groups and dirty campaign contributions erode our progressive ideals. Our local party fails to hold elected officials accountable even when they work against our values. This must change. 

If elected, I would fight for a party that only puts forward candidates who both support our principles AND actively carry them out in public policy. These progressive policies include protections for immigrants and our environment, healthcare for all, rent control and just-cause evictions, livable wages that are actually livable in the Bay Area, support for union workers and competitive contracts, oversight of local law enforcement, and transparency in how our tax dollars are spent. 

Our party also needs to support candidates who use taxpayer money in an appropriate manner. In the 20th Assembly District alone, elected Democrats give away millions of dollars of taxpayer money to ultra-conservative mega-churches that oppose a woman’s right to choose and that believe LGBTQ people can be ‘cured’. Elected leaders invest in military-grade equipment for law enforcement and allow departments to instill fear in communities of color. Elected officials work against tenants and working families by supporting policies that support their own wealthy families and real estate donors. The Democratic Party looks the other way all too often. And the worst part is we keep supporting folks that do not support us. 

If elected, I would support a progressive platform and candidates that help bring new blood into the party. My name is Austin Bruckner and I would be honored to have your support.

Michael Gonzales

Union City, CA

I am Mike Gonzales and I am a proud candidate for the CADEM Delegate.

For the last 20 years I have dedicated my life to fighting for great Pre-k to Higher Ed, Public Education and Social Justice Issues. I have taught 15 years in elementary schools. My previous advocacy for the California Teachers Association (CTA) includes the Racial Equity Affairs Committee, serving as vice-chair of the CTA Hispanic Caucus and 10-year State Delegate for the California Teachers Association. I was also a proud National Delegate for the National Education Association Representative Assembly for seven years. I am steeped in community advocacy and I have served as president of the Pacoima Neighborhood Council, where I also served as chair of the Education Committee.  

I am a third generation Union City resident. All of my family went to Bay Area Public Schools. The Gonzales family serves or has served the Bay Area as educators, athletic coaches, and firefighters.  

As a delegate, I want to ensure getting progressive candidates elected to CADEM and support a platform that prioritizes issues for all of our citizens in California.

Finally because I was elected to represent Los Angeles on the CTA/ABC PAC I successfully organized campaigns for Democrats and initiatives. I am proud to be a progressive and push issues that are extremely important to us. We are living in extreme times and we need extreme solutions to get us through this pandemic.

Thank you for your support. I humbly ask you to vote for our entire slate.